Reply to Twitter comments

Reply to Twitter comments Had 5000 visitors and 200 sign ups for Planoo. Is for social media management.

70% of audience is US so less good for a Ge for example.

Of 1050 upvotes she had 50-100 upvotes from her network.

Don’t ask for upvotes when in product hunt, ask for feedback

Can stay on PH after the launch.

Can relaunch your product once have

Must have some sort of MVP at least. Dont need payment plans.

AppSumo worth checking for launches where have payment plans.

BetaList where have no product, but an idea.

Fox When people signed up to ballot there was a phrase they could tweet and a button to share on Twitter.

He tweeted and @lonelyplanet @esgoingout Mail chimp ran out of 2000 free users and had to pay.

Then he got offered some hedgehogs

So did a press release.

Build in virality Reach out to people who have covered your area. Start Local journos the. Go up the curve to larger publications using the smaller papers as validation.